My vast experience provides the confidence to work with businesses such as yours consulting, facilitating and executing corporate strategies, delivering significant change within regulatory environments and planning for market growth. I understand organisations' competing priorities and am adept at managing these in a pragmatic manner.

Working closely with senior leaders and stakeholders, be prepared for me to I challenge assumptions and encourage thinking outside of the box. As your trusted adviser, together, we will deal with multiple stakeholders to solve complex problems, ensuring honesty and integrity when influencing culture and delivering promises to your board, teams, clients and all other stakeholders.

Whilst I can mention many lifetime career highlights, my claim to fame has been leading the Australian division on my last employers' response to the Financial Services Royal Commission.


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Danny Camerotto

Director, KIA Consulting

End to End Business Consultant

With over 30 years in the Insurance industry as a senior General and Medical Indemnity leader, my key roles have seen me work with intermediary, direct  and government stakeholders.  Roles have spanned across sales and distribution, project and change management, risk management and regulatory compliance.

Maria Camerotto

KIA Consulting

Multi Facet Consultant

Speaker | Mentor | Life Coach

Business & Intercultural Consultant


Running and managing KIA Consulting with Danny since 2008, my role in the business has been business and intercultural consulting.  Bridging the cultural gap between Australia and South Korea, I have created programs for Australians to live and study in South Korea, Cultural Diversity Workshops for Australian businesses dealing with South Korea, presenting Australian culture to South Korean Homestay Students, tours, events and many more wonderful bi-lateral projects with both countries both here and in South Korea.

In 2018, life changed when I was diagnosed with cancer.  Consulting was put on hold along with my online store as I focused on my treatment for twelve months.  This incredible journey now sees me as an Ambassador for Peter MacCallum Hospital as well as doing media work with a few pharmaceutical & medical research companies and top leading Australian hematologist.   Speaking, blogging, writing and now working with warriors and their families and businesses who are touched by cancer has become a new direction my career has seen.  My event management skills is put to organising fund raising events and my online retail business is blossoming with products for cancer warriors and anyone else affected by cancer.

Now, I am Multi-Facet Consultant.   This all comes from a lifetime of experience in project and event management, corporate retail and yes, I too have been in the insurance world.  These many years of career experiences have given me many areas to work on from administration, verbal, written and online communication skills as well the cultural business consulting.  Now with my cancer journey, I have a highly tolerant understanding of diversity - being cultural, disability & living with a disease.  As a Life Coach, I will present to you and your team how living with cancer can be managed within your environment.  How to deal with cancer within the work place?  Can I still work?  What do I say?  It's a mine field of questions - but nothing that can't be answered.


As an Intercutlural Consultant, I continue to work with businesses dealing with South Korea through a westerner's eyes.  You can never lose a love for two countries.  You can never lose your cultural intolerance and imparting this knowledge makes me proud for Aussies to better work with South Koreans.

Don't be afraid to talk to me about the challenges in work and personal life!